Wee wicked witch creates stylish visual experiences using code, vectors and pixels. We do this for (creative) individuals / small & big companies . 

Always curious to find new ways to express ourselves.

Adriana is a multimedia designer from the Netherlands. After finishing the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam she worked for and with renowned Dutch design companies (Tel-Design, Fabrique ) before becoming independent. For 15 years, she has created Logos, interfaces and ergonomics for international websites and mobile applications for a large spectrum of customers such as Etos, Fabrique, In10, Deloitte, ContentKings, Albert Heijn, Ilumy, Sharewire, Collingham Consultants, Deloitte, …

Serge lives rather in the technical and entrepreneurial world with to his credit a Parisian start-up (LivingActor) as founder and CTO in the 2000s, then created Smartfriendz, a company which designed, manufactured and sold (open source) 3D printers . 

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We believe in the power of simplicity, less is more!

Serge & Renate