Welcome to Wacky Wonderful Works by Wee Wicket Witch, your go-to destination for all things clay! If you have a passion for working with clay but struggle with design ideas, I’ve got you covered. I am specialised in creating easy-to-make and easy to scale templates, only the basic form that will bring out your inner artist. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned clay enthusiast, my templates ensures that everyone can enjoy the creative journey. Get ready to unlock your imagination and let your hands do the talking with Wacky Wonderful Works by Wee Wicket Witch!

Renate is a Mixed reality artist born in the Netherlands. After finishing the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam she worked for and with renowned Dutch design companies before becoming independent. For 15 years, she has created Logos, interfaces and ergonomics for international websites and mobile applications for a large spectrum of customers.

“After 20+ years of working with a computer I needed a new challenge”

After falling in love with clay but not having any place for a potters wheel, she started to make her own clay templates. This keeps her work consistent gives her more control over the size and gives her more time to concentrate on glazes and decoration what she loves most.

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I believe in the power of simplicity, less is more!

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