W6 is founded by a couple who combine creativity, know-how and entrepreneurial experience.

Adriana is a designer from the Netherlands and worked for renowned Dutch design companies (Tel-Design, Fabrique) before becoming independent. For 15 years, she has created Logos, interfaces and ergonomics for international websites and mobile applications for a large spectrum of customers.

Serge lives rather in the technical and entrepreneurial world with to his credit a Parisian start-up (LivingActor) as founder and CTO in the 2000s, then created Smartfriendz, a company which designed, manufactured and sold (open source) 3D printers .

After manufacturing 3D printers, managing a Fablab, creating compelling logo’s and websites, they’ve started to make original objects according to the needs of customers and close friends. We realised that most people have (sometimes) crazy idea’s and projects they would like to realise but don’t know how to approach. 

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This is what happens when we let designers play with digital machines ...

Serge & Renate